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Hamarosan az alkalmi felhasználóknak és a turista látogatóknak online regisztrációs lehetőséget fogunk biztosítani. 

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The following video shows you how to use the electric bikes and e-rollers.

1.a. At the start of the e-bike and e-rollers usage, the user holds up his or her RFID card to the docking stations’ reader surface, then waits for the system to identify the card’s owner and allow usage of the system. The confirmation is reinsured by a tone and a green light on behalf of the device.

1b. In order to remove a bike from the station with a PIN CODE, you need to login to your account, select the current station, then the system will give you a PIN code and within 5 minutes it is possible to pick up a bicycle.

2. The level of the battery is shown at the display in the dock. The green light is on when the bike is available.

3. After picking the bike up, you just need to set the seat height and you can immediately start to ride.

4. After removing the e-bike from the docking stations, the lighting switches on automatically. After picking up the e-roller the lights are begin to work automatically as well and it is ready to use. By turning the gas gear it is immediately start.

5. The riding turns on the PEDELEC electric power assistance which when cycling continuously activates and propels the electromotor built into the front wheel, assisting the advance of the vehicle by up to 50%. When braking, he switches located in the brake control levers switch of the propulsion. The assistance can be turned on again by releasing the brakes and cycling with the pedals.

6. Upon retrieval the user puts the e-bike or e-roller back into the docking station. Fastening the e-bike in the right position does not require any major effort, the fastening is signaled by a tone and a flashing light on behalf of the bicycle storage.

7. It is important to make sure that the vehicle is can not be removed from the docking station.


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