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    How much is the rent?

    Annual lease or occasional use of any class tickets for the Kaposvár Tekergő public bike system. The pricing list:

    Without Kaposvár card

    Valid for 1 year lease, 4500 Ft available biking balance

    • e-Bike renting
    • e-Roller renting
    • Kaposvár card discounts

    5715 Ft / year

    4500 Ft + VAT/year

    With Kaposvár card 

    Valid for 1 year lease, 3650 Ft available biking balance

    • e-Bike renting
    • e-Roller renting
    • Kaposvár card discounts

    4635 Ft / year

    3650 Ft + VAT/year

    Tourists and occasional users

    You choose, how many hours would you like to ride an e-bike

    • e-Bike renting
    • e-Roller renting
    • Renting with PIN code

    500 Ft / hour

    394 Ft + VAT/hour

    +10.000 caution

    Kaposvár, the town of the Tekergő

    The electric bicycle public transport system offers a new alternative, environmentally conscious transportation options within the city of Kaposvar population and visiting tourists.

    Produced & operated by:

    Public Bike System Hungary Kft